What are the differences between Residential and Commercial HVAC?

What seems like an obvious question may not be as it seems. Residential or Commercial HVAC are normally associated with the building that the equipment resides in. Many times, a “commercial” building has residential furnaces and air conditioners creating the buildings comfort. At ETI School of Skilled Trades, we will explore these differences and help you understand what makes each of them unique.

What size equipment does my house or building need?

Sizing equipment can be a difficult task encompassing many variables including square footage of home or building, exposure, insulation, tightness of building or home, etc. ETI School of Skilled Trades will help you understand equipment sizing for most applications.

What is the difference between working equipment and efficiently working equipment?

The difference is normally found on your gas or electric bills. Equipment can be properly heating or cooling a building or home. However, the cost to accomplish these task can be a budget breaker. ETI School of Skilled Trades will help the student understand how to make HVAC equipment work at its peak efficiency and therefore lower the costs necessary to make your building or home comfortable.

Why is HVAC so important?

An HVAC technician is not only an expert in heating and cooling but more importantly, he is your comfort specialist. A home can be beautiful in every way with an amazing view from every window, top of the line furnishings, and every amenity a home can provide. If that home is not comfortable, the homeowner will not enjoy their home. A properly installed and maintained HVAC system will provide the comfort a house needs to feel like a home.

Why choose ETI School of Skilled Trades?

With over 50 years in the HVAC industry, ETI School of Skilled Trades has the necessary curriculum, tools, lab, instructors, and support to achieve your goals and dreams. ETI School of Skilled Trades will take a student step by step through the HVAC process to achieve your goals.


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