Must Have Tools For Welders

Welding careers are some of the most stable and well-paid jobs you can find today. In just seven months you can be on your way to starting your job in the welding industry. Here is a list of must-have tools for welders. At ETI you will have access to all of these and more:

Safety Equipment
  • Welding helmet (darkening lens) + clear tinted face shield lens with head gear – You have to protect your eyes and face. The welding helmet is definitely your most important piece of safety equipment.
  • Cutting gloves & TIG gloves – Less-experienced welders want to begin with thick welding gloves for protection. With more experience, some TIG welders choose thinner gloves for more precise welds.
  • Safety glasses – You will need to do some angle grinding on your welds, so protect your eyes with certified glasses or a face shield for more protection.
  • Leather sleeve jacket – Insufficient protection can result in severe and debilitating person injury and you should never compromise safety for the sake of comfort.
  • TIG fingers (white) – These enable you to rest your hand on a work piece without having to worry about the metal heating up and burning your hand.
Cleaning Tools
  • 4 ½” grinder – You will use this very often as you learn to make clean welds. You will also use it for cutting materials.
  • Long wire brush and short inspection brush – Another essential cleaning tool, the brush will clean up your welds and show where you need to finish the weld.
  • Chipping hammer – Along with your metal brush, you will use this to chip slag off your MIG welds and reveal the final weld.
  • Torch tip cleaner – this is intended for use to clean cutting- and welding tips for oxygen-acetylene torches.
Work Tools
  • 12” Combo square – Just like carpenters who need to make lots of quick angle markings, welders find lots of use for a speed square on nearly every project.
  • MIG pliers – You will use these often in MIG welding to remove nozzles and contact tips and clip the wire.
  • 10” Adjustable wrench – Perfect for tightening the regulator of a gas welder and prying metal apart.
  • Large vise grips and needle nose vise grips – This securely grips a wide variety of surfaces from any angle.
  • Triple flint striker – This tool is designed to make flint changes faster and easier.
  • Protractor – This is used to determine the angle of take-off of a lateral, or it may be used to set a lateral at the proper angle for tacking prior to welding in place.
  • 25’ tape measure – During metal construction, measurements are crucial to the success of the final project.

ETI School of Skilled Trades also includes:

  • BSX Welding Tool Bag
  • 1 ETI Shirt
  • Mini Mag Flashlight
  • Pencils


These tools will be provided for you and will be yours to take on to your first job after you finish your welding program. You will also have in-depth welder training in a 13,000 sq. ft. professional facility, including access to the types of welding most in demand from today’s employers.

Get ahead in your career by requesting more information on ETI’s Welding Program by filling out the form above or call ETI at (888) 830-7678.