How to Start a Career in Welding

Are you stuck in a dead-end job? Do you hate staring at the cubicle walls all day? Are you looking for more exciting, hands-on work? Well then, you may want to start a career in Welding.



What is welding?

Welders join or cut metal parts. In a typical day, they might take on a variety of tasks, such as: studying blueprints, welding and/or inspecting structures, monitoring the welding process to avoid overheating, and maintaining equipment and machinery.


Career Paths

Welders work in many different industries, from manufacturing to aerospace. There are even opportunities in more exotic areas like underwater welding or pipeline welding. Many welders work outdoors, so you won’t feel trapped under fluorescent lights or behind a counter. If you’re looking for a fulfilling career that allows you to work with your hands, welding is a great option.


Why welding?

There are numerous benefits for such a rewarding profession. Skilled welders are in high demand because of the endless opportunities. Welders are essential in almost every industry and they even have the flexibility to change industries without changing careers; there aren’t many fields that allow this type of flexibility. Not to mention, this industry generally offers higher than average salary, even if you’re just starting out.


How to Begin

Once you’ve received your High School Diploma or GED, it is time to apply to ETI’s Welding Program where you will develop your welding skills. With the help of ETI’s experienced instructors and industry-current equipment, you will be put through job-site simulations and develop skills you will take pride in, helping you enter the workforce with confidence.


Start your Training with ETI in Willowbrook, IL

ETI School of Skilled Trades offers a Skilled Welding program that can be completed in as few as seven months. For further information about the program, contact ETI at (888) 830-7678. It’s your future. Own it!