Welding Helps America’s Veterans Find Work and Transition to Civilian Life

It can be challenging to re-adjust to civilian life after serving in the U.S. Armed Forces. A career in welding can smooth this transition and offer our service members and veterans the career boost they are looking for. ETI recognizes two facts that demonstrate welding and veterans can forge a great partnership:

1) there is a shortage in skilled labor workers, and

2) veterans have a strong worth ethic and technical training.

ETI believes we can match these service members or veterans with the industries and employees that could use their devotion, ambition, and skill. Today’s welding world is high-tech and exciting. It requires the dedication and attention to detail many people develop in the military. At ETI, we can build on your military training and guide you to a new career in welding. Keep reading to learn about why veterans and welding make a great team.

Why Welding and Veterans are a Perfect Match

* Advance and Gain Mastery: Many veterans relish the opportunity to advance in the career and gain mastery over a skill. Welding offers great possibilities for career progression and the chance to develop expertise in a skill area.

* Transferable skills: Some of the skills used in military service translate broadly to welding, because welding is skilled and detailed labor.

* Physical fitness: The level of fitness required in the military is an asset for those in manufacturing and skilled-labor trades.

* Teamwork: Most welding jobs require teamwork—a skill most servicemembers are highly adapt at practicing.

* Strong Career Outlook: According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs in welding are expected to grow 6% in the next 10 years, and the median salary expected is around $40,000.

* Flexibility: the (capitalize) job prospects for welders are wide and diverse. You could work indoors or out, move around the country, or stay in one geographical location. The options are endless!

Paying for School: Veterans Benefits

By taking advantage of federal veteran educational programs, you can fund some or all of your education. At ETI, we offer several veterans programs that can help you pay for your training.

* ETI Military Grant: ETI appreciates your military service, so we offer a Military Grant to assist qualified students who are currently serving, those who have served, and their dependents.

* MyCAA: This grant offers up to $4000 for spouses of military personnel up to the associate degree level.

* Federal Programs: Most federal veterans’ programs can be used at ETI. The Post 9/11 GI Bill™, for example, provides up to thirty-six months of education benefits. Learn more about the Veterans Programs at ETI.

ETI is honored to be a part of any service member’s or veteran’s journey. Welding offers flexible opportunities, job security, and a solid income—all while building on skills you developed in the military. Learn more about our welding program today!