ETI Offers Lifetime Job Placement Assistance

ETI Training offers hands-on training with state-of-the-art equipment, expert instructors, and a full spectrum of welding and HVAC/R courses.

ETI School of Skilled Trade, Chicago, offers high-quality, nationally recognized training programs that prepare students for rewarding careers in welding and HVAC/R. They also provide lifetime career placement assistance to all of their graduates.

They focus on developing high-skilled professionals such as welders, HVAC/R technicians and others. ETI’s lifetime placement assistance program for skilled welders and HVAC/R technicians provides a comprehensive, structured career path that focuses on education, employment and training.

ETI’s Career Services Department program for welders and HVAC/R technicians offers the following benefits:

  • A structured career path focused on education, employment, and training
  • Support to help pay for courses and job opportunities
  • Partners in the workplace to guide each step of the process.
  • A place to find employers who are willing to hire ETI graduates

What ETI Career Services Has to Offer Graduates

The ETI Career Services Department dedicates itself to helping students succeed in their careers. The Lifetime Placement Assistance Program assists students by providing guidance, resources, and one-on-one meetings. The program also offers access to the Career Services network of resources such as resume reviews, job searches, and more.

ETI Career Services can assist both welders and HVAC/R technicians. They are responsible for helping students find employment and providing on-the-job training.

The career services provide many careers management services, including pre-employment assistance, job fairs, resume writing, cover letters, interviews, skills development and more. They also offer career transition programs for their clients and information about salaries in the industry.

ETI Career Services helps prepare students for success by helping them with skills development, preparing them to succeed in the workforce!

They help students find the right job by placing them with the right company, aiding in interviews, giving career advice and more.

One way in which the ETI Career Services Department helps students is by connecting them to local companies. The expertise of their alumni and staff can help students find their dream job without needing to look very far from home.

They have helped thousands of welders, HVAC/R technicians and other skilled professionals get their jobs. ETI School of Skilled Trades provides one-on-one career coaching so that graduates can develop skills techniques necessary for success in the workforce.

ETI School of Skilled Trades training in Chicago also provides skilled professionals for local businesses. Partnering with employers allows them to provide students with on-the-job training opportunities while employers gain skilled workers.

To get more information, call the ETI phone number at (888) 830-7678.


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